How do I find my size?

How do I find my ring size?
- See size guide

How do I find my bracelet size?
See size guide

How do I find the length of my necklace?
See size guide

Return and exchange

How do I return a package?
- You can read about how to return a package here

Do I have to pay the return shipping myself? There is no return label included in the package?
- No, you can contact us on our email and we'll send you one.

If you would like to exchange an item, we will pay the shipping when it has to be sent back to you.


Is it compulsory to send a return with the return label on the website? (Postnord)
- No, it is not compulsory to use our return label, just a suggestion.

If you want to use a different return label, just send the package to the address:

Skovvej 21

5300 Kerteminde, Denmark

We clearly suggest that you send the package back with a tracking number, as you are responsible for the package until it is received by us. For example, if you send the package to a parcel shop, it will not be picked up and you are responsible for picking up the package yourself and getting it sent back to the correct address.

How do i exchange an item?
- Read more about exchanging your item here

- Read more about our complaint here

Can i deliver my package to your private address in Odense C?
- No, all packages should be sent to the address below.

Skovvej 21, 5300 Kerteminde, Denmark

How do i get my money refunded?
- See how to get your money refunded here

I have returned my package but haven't received my money yet?
- The money is returned to the account or card on which the order was purchased. When the amount has been transferred, you will receive an email.

We only transfer the money when we have received the order. It is therefore important that you have sent the order to the correct address:

Skovvej 21

5300 Kerteminde, Denmark

It is very important that the item is sent to the address and not a parcel shop. You can therefore check your tracking number before contacting us.

Your amount is transferred to your account via bank transfer and therefore cannot be seen on your MobilePay.

I don't have my order number, what should I do?
- Your mobile number or the email you used for the order is also fine.

How long is my return right?
- You have a right of return of 14 days on goods like this.

Can I send several orders back in the same bag/package?
- Yes, you can, as long as you write both order numbers on the return slip.

Errors and deficiencies

There is an error on my package, what should I do?
- You must first send us an email at with the order number, a picture of the error and a brief description of the error on the piece of jewellery. Then our team looks at the error. And then we'll send you a free return label if the mistake is ours. You must remember that you have 7 days to advertise.

When you have received your free return label, you must return the entire piece of jewelery and we will exchange it for a new one and send it back to you.

I have received a wrong package with a wrong product, what should I do?
- Then you must send us an email at, including a picture of the wrong item. If the error is ours, you will receive your free return label as soon as possible.

My item that I received is broken, what should I do?
- Then you must send us an email at, including a picture of the broken item. In addition, you must briefly describe the item that is broken. If the error is ours, you will receive your free return label as soon as possible.

A bit of black/green jewellery
- Genuine jewelry oxidizes over time. Oxidation is a natural silver reaction which can cause black spots or rust-like discolorations on jewellery. This happens when the silver jewelery reacts with oxygen in the air or other chemicals such as cream or make-up.

It is harmless and can be easily removed. All of our jewelry is 100 percent genuine, so don't worry—discoloration is actually nothing but a sign of high quality.


Is there free shipping?
- We send all packages to 35 dkk of charge when you live in Denmark. If you live outside of Denmark, it depends on your location. 

We pack all your jewelery so that it arrives within 1-2 working days. Your jewelery comes either directly to your mailbox at your home address or to your nearest parcel box.

If you are in doubt about your delivery information, you can always check your order confirmation, this will of course be sent to your email, which you can also log in to on the website.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?
- We work every day to pack and send your jewelry so that you have it within 1-2 working days.

After your package has been packed and sent, you will receive, via a message, a track and trace number where you can track your package.

Your package will be delivered to your chosen spot, i.e. either your home address or the chosen parcel shop.